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EMB500 Operation

Together with your EMBRAER airplane there is a number of software packages. Some of them incurr extra cost, others are part of the airplane flight manual (AFM).
OPERA for example is a legal extension of the AFM (Airplane flight manual) and allows the user to determine the takeoff and landing data for every weight / temperature / pressure situation at any airport of the world.

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Inflight Performance Software is a package which allows the user to determine specific inflight performance beyond the bounds of the AFM.


EMBRAER´s "eTech Pubs" provides the latest technical publications either as download version and /or online version. One designated person at your company or you as an owner will have access to this legally required documentation. The greatest advantage is that you can download the latest documentation instantly. The paper version (e.g. QRH updates) take MUCH longer. There is no legal requirement to use the manufacturer´s document print format!
It is legally required to maintain the latest documentation of the airplane on board during operation - no matter if private / non commercial operation or commercial operation!

If you want to switch to electronic documentation, it is required to establish this in your company documentation.

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